IVIEW is a drilldown program for AS400/ ISERIES.  It enables a user to start at the highest library level - QSYS - and drill down to view the fields on a given file in any library.  In this way, it integrates commands such as DSPLIB, DSPOBJD, DSPFD and DSPFFD.

This, the first release, focuses on the file structure and the libraries.  Later releases will add visibility on program and other objects.

These are some of the elements that can be viewed separately ...

  • Members
  • Constraints
  • Triggers
  • Formats
  • Fields
  • Indexes
  • Select / Omit

Output is green-screen.
Target release is V5R3 and later.

This is the first release, and is available freely to use.
Download the readme file for IVIEW
read it online in a new window.

Download the savfile for IVIEW.

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Use the Contact Us tab if you wish to email us.